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Hello Bee Lovers!

Great news!

For the second year, GAB Club will be working with SFCC to provide a course - Backyard Beekeeping. You may register at the following site; click on "Take a Class":

This is an excellent series of classes for beginning or intermediate beekeepers. The last class is a field trip to see hives and ask questions from experts. The classroom courses will be presented in the Entomology Building where we have our monthly meetings, but will be in a different room - Lab 3118.

There is more great news!

For those who were at the meeting last week, you know that we are working on our new website. Although it is still under construction, we are building the calendar. The SFCC course is on our calendar now. Have a look at some of the fun stuff coming up: We will continue to build the site to include helpful links and people to contact for bee information. We will post pictures of fun activities and interesting bee phenominon. LIke the interesting emerald green pollen Marjorie and I found in our hives a couple weeks ago.
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