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fumigating supers

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I will have around 200 to 300 supers to store this fall and my current methods won't work with that quantity. What are some safe methods of controlling SMB and wax moths in equipment that isn't totally free of pollen or has some older comb? I was thinking that stacking them on a tarp, dumping in dry ice and then pulling it up around the sides and nearly sealing it on the top might work. The CO2 would displace the O2 and kill anything that is left? I would think that it would even kill eggs if O2 levels were low enough. I know they used much more toxic stuff in the past and probably wouldn't have if they could have had success with less toxic gas but in theory it seems like this would work. Any comments, ideas?
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Good question! I'm hoping to see what response this question produces.
With that many supers paradichlorobenzene is probably what you need.
Dry Ice works in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket of food grains - for long term storage.
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