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Full Bloom Apiay

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I ordered some bees from Full Bloom Apiary and had a great expereance. Shipped on time and was able to add 2 extra queens to my order on short notice. The NWC queens arrived in good shape even all the attendants were doing well also.
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Also had a good experience with my order. Last month I ordered three Carni queens to try and save some of the hives dwindling to nothing due to the poor packages I received this year. They arrived promptly and in fine shape. The queens were accepted readily and upon checking today, I find they are laying up a storm.

I recommend Full Bloom Apiaries.

I too had a good experiance with Full Bloom. Order 6 queens, they shipped as promised, and are laying like crazy.

Highly recommend using them.:applause:
I just put 4 of their queens in my new nucs... I'll post my results. However, the service was outstanding. Alan is great!
Add me to the list of happy, satisfied customers. Thanks Alan.
Update on my 4 nucs. Three are boomers with great queens. Two are supered with 5 frame nuc bodies already. the other went queenless and I combined it with another new nuc [queen cell]. The queenless situation was probably ppbk and not the fault of the queen. I'm going to order some more queens from him next week.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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