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Frustrating and Rewarding 1st Year

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I thought I had a load of knowledge built up from books, YouTube, Beesource and mentor help when I purchased my 2 Nucs a year ago...boy was I wrong. Nothing prepares you quite like hands on experience in beekeeping. Just when you think you have a plan pulling into the beeyard, the girls always seemed to throw a curveball. I’ve dealt with mites, SBH, Laying worker, caught swarms, done a cutout, killed/lost queens, done splits, raised queens.

The coolest part of this year has been the 1st swarm I caught. The queen either swarmed on me or I somehow killed her. That Nuc ended up having a laying worker. I drove that hive 200 yards off through some trees and dumped them; gave a frame of larvae and eggs. Over wintered that Nuc and now I have a Monster hive and Honey. I had to spin out 8 frames to free some room up. Hoping to get a lot more from it in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Beesource for answering all my dumb questions over the past year.

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Someone just told me today that in Sue Hubbell's book she says the most she ever knew about beekeeping was in her first year. After that she realized every year she knows less and less.

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I think this spring I went from the peak of the "I got this" to firmly into the "there is more to this than I thought" phase of the Dunning Kruger effect chart. Nothing like the bees to do things you totally don't expect to throw all that book knowledge right out the window. Nothing can compare to experience in a lot of ways. I'm just hoping things work out for my apiary and I can move on with some new lessons and do better in the future.
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