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Frustrating and Rewarding 1st Year

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I thought I had a load of knowledge built up from books, YouTube, Beesource and mentor help when I purchased my 2 Nucs a year ago...boy was I wrong. Nothing prepares you quite like hands on experience in beekeeping. Just when you think you have a plan pulling into the beeyard, the girls always seemed to throw a curveball. I’ve dealt with mites, SBH, Laying worker, caught swarms, done a cutout, killed/lost queens, done splits, raised queens.

The coolest part of this year has been the 1st swarm I caught. The queen either swarmed on me or I somehow killed her. That Nuc ended up having a laying worker. I drove that hive 200 yards off through some trees and dumped them; gave a frame of larvae and eggs. Over wintered that Nuc and now I have a Monster hive and Honey. I had to spin out 8 frames to free some room up. Hoping to get a lot more from it in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Beesource for answering all my dumb questions over the past year.

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