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I figured I'd just get it outta the way .For many of you Northern Beeks I probably will be considered a hillbilly.Howdy!
But down here they call me a yankee.You guys .
This being due to living up north in Mich. during my formative years.
Here in Tn. I am told "I know you aint from around here. Are you?"
There.(Or ,' Up there' ,as us hillbillies like to say .) I pretty much didn't fit in with the in crowd either.Tho they would tell me they love the way I talk. They would often just want me to say it again ,for the fun of it.
Both places say that I have an accent.Imagine that.
I love to joke.But yall might find my sense of humor a little quirky. Maybe it is a language barrier. Or I could really but an alien as I wondered when I was a kid.
I like alot of beekeepers today took up the hobby because I wanted to save the bees. I thought it to posibly be the best way to effect a positive mark on life. For the earth and posterity sake .Don't you know.
Well too. I thought it might be some place I might fit in.
I never was into sports.At school after the fith grade. I liked to play them alright just wasn't on any teams.
I have never been a social butterfly , so this is something I thought I'd like to be. Sometimes when I do a cutout when the people were gonna exterminate .I kinda feel like a hero of sorts.
That might be all that keeps me in the game.This is my forth year bee keeping and it can be mightily disappointing.
First year my wifes uncle (uncle in law)gave me a strong nuc late summer .I was full of joy. I'd go out and watch them in bliss and wonderment. Several times a day. Then Fall came.
Stricken with ,hornets , yellow jackets ,red wing black birds then a heart breaking robbing that caused what bees were left to abscond because of SHB.Although it made me feel sick I decided to order me some more bees.
I placed order from a local farmer and keeper who we buy milk honey and other sundrys from. I reminded him in January that I was still interested.Come April he had forgoten all about me then postponed again.
By now I had learned enough from You tube that I started swarm trapping cause it seemed to late to get bees at the beginning of summer. I set out four traps .These with the new topbar hive I built landed me 4 colonys. Great joy again to late summer flow ended robbing started,numbers dropped and small hive beetles prevailed.I had learned to put out sugar feed by then but I had an open feeding station too close to my apiary.Winter finished off the small colony I had left til the following spring.
By this time I had had enough time to build much more equipment .More traps and infect my neighbors.I designed and gave them some hanging topbar hives and set up feeding stations.This netted me seven.Three of them all got one year hive joy I ended the season with four.
Spring come with two remaining.Wax moths and a dead out.
This year I caught ten(including cutouts) ,neighbors three ,I bought two .I split four .Lost seven . One neighbor has one.This left me with seven .Three strong .four 5 frame that are hit and miss.
I had one hive abscond five times in one day .I was home and me and my wife kept tanging them down.On the forth try I moved them into a new box then gave them some brood.They still swarmed leaving only enough stragglers to keep me from opening them up to check them out for a week.This hive died after they sent out an unsuccesful virgin queen.
First couple years I wondered if I could do it or not .Its a whole lot of work with near as much heart ache.Now I can understand Michael Palmer saying not to sweat the small hives.
I was only getting started cause this is my first bee forum and nobody else really wants to hear it.Plus at first I could figure out how to post.Then I thought maybe I oughta give it a rest here before I stop being the fun new guy.
Look forward to meeting yall!You guys keep on keeping.

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Welcome to Beesource Gary. There are no yankees or hillbillies here, just beekeepers that live in different climates. Sounds like you are learning by doing. Find a local bee club and attend a few meetings, maybe take a beginning beekeeprs class. You will learn a lot. You never mentioned treating for the varroa mite, so based on your history and the description of late fall hives collapse, I am going to posit that your hives succumbed to them. Read the sticky "Anatomy of a mite crash" found in the bee forum. It will open your eyes and give you valuable information for moving forward. For local information, member Tennessees Bees, Kamon Reynolds, has a great Youtube channel. Good luck!
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