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I may have put this on the wrong forum originally.

Default Freeman style bottom boards revisted from a different perspective- Simplfy

Freeman had a great idea for his bottom board. I love his hive leveler if it will hold the weight.

The weak point of the design is the metal tray he builds being not cheap and seems to come apart after some uses according to posts.

I have attached two different utubes for different styles for the EIGHT frame standard hive size.

I run ten frame boxes and looking on line there appears to be NO good CHEAPpan to use to hold the oil or soapy water either on utube or doing searches on line.


It appears roughly that the 8 frame box width is 12 3/8 to 12 1/2 inches
While the width of the 10 frame box width is 14 3/8 to 12 1/2 inches

What a difference TWO inches makes.

What if you just close down the width of the space below the 10 frame bottom board screened in area to fit the size of pan you can find? Basically you would just be adding ~2 inches below the screened in area no different than the screen edges for the front of the hive and should be cleanable by the bees.

I like the guys in the utubes that are using the cheap aluminum roasting pan that can fit well for the 8 frame boxes. I will put them in the next post.

I realize that this is not for everyone but would be easy to do for people like me with just a few hives.

It adds height and a little weight to the bottom board and you have a little more solid floor below the screen but WHAT

It does is give you a very simple way to customize your bottom boards with pan sizes that you can get easily.

I see several ways to fit the pan under the screen but the two that I made for my 10 frames work well but the trays were 10$ from Walmart and were rigged to fit.


Ideas on a better build?

Have a Great Day.

I am off to radiation tmt on a pretty day in Spring


Looking at this if you found the right size pan you might get by with using a 2x4 for the base or

If you needed you could use the regular 1x4 for the sides then rip what ever width you need to fit the space for the pan from a 2x4

All the posts you see is the problem with trying to find a cheap pan that will work
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