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These are common trees in some areas of the country. They like wet conditions and are also known as swamp maple. I think it's the earliest blooming of the maples. Here in Arkansas, bees can work it in January and February on good flying weather days. You can make maple syrup from them, too...although the syrup season is short down here.

Anyway, here they have already finished flowering and the seeds have already fallen. Red Maples have those helicopter kind of seeds you played with when you were a kid, but the technical name for them is "samaras."

They need 60-90 days of cool moist stratification, so you can either put them in your fridge or just leave them in a pot of dirt outside over Winter.....Google can help you with all that.

But if you want a bunch of them, just PM me your mailing address.

Here is a photo of a bee working a Red Maple flower.....(I didn't take this photo, just found it online)

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