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Hey all:

Back in my younger days, I had never seen a frame of honey with comb that had anything but honey/and/or comb on it. No plastics, no wire, no man made materials on the frame.

The old timers would take a knife, cut the honey in the comb from this frame, going into a rectangle till all was cut free.

Does anyone still do this, besides me ? I am expanding into using the ready to go full plastic frames, have one hive with them already. I'm really curious about this.

My dad raised bees for years and years, and that's all he had. He made his own frames from pine or cyprus wood, and they still were good last time I saw them.

Wish there were some old timers around here that were beekeepers back in his days, but, unfortunatelyl, all are now gone as far as I know.

Best to all of you, thanks for bearing with me, so much to learn, so little time. You all have been great for helping me. This forum makes beekeeping so much better for all of us neebies for sure.


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