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frames of sugar syrup/honey

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going thru winter dead outs getting ready for packages have all my boxes ready to be filled with bees my problem is i have about 50 full frames of honey/sugar left over what should i do with them i have been feeding some ones that dont have much to live hives that i have but..... would people buy them how much are they worth? maybe trade them for nucs? any suggestions would be great :scratch::scratch:
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Shake your packages onto boxes with six of seven of them and the remainder empty comb and watch a miracle. The sugar will turn into bees.
im getting 12 packages all boxes are already filled im gonna use some of them to feed after but there is stilll alot of extra
Do you know how the bees died. it is very easy to spread EFB, AFB, Nosema and many other diseases.

If you they were free from disease then I would use then for you packages.
Putting packages on double supers of combs, full of food (but given them a very small entrance to defend it from), with a few empty combs in the center = very strong colonies, very quickly.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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