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I have 2 brand new hives that are about 3 weeks old. One hive is very strong with about 5 or 6 frames fully drawn with capped brood .. larva, eggs etc.. The other hive is active but much weaker. They have only 2 frames fully drawn with brood etc. That hive didn't seem very active..

So from the advice of a local beek at the club.... Yesterday, I removed one fully drawn frame loaded with brood,larva etc.... And installed a robber screen. Just to be sure no robbing from the other hive was happening.
I went out today to check them out......
I noticed the weak hive was booming already. Bee's were thick in the air. The robber screen seemed to be causeing a traffick jam and some bees loaded with pollen where having trouble finding ther way back in..... I watched them for a while and didn't notice any robbing. So I removed that...

My question is did that one fully drawn frame get my Weak hive motivated that fast????
At one point that hive was not even taking sugar sruyp. Now they are taking it in today..
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