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Foundationless supers (mediums)

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Is this possible? I just dont feel like paying the shipping for all that wax but I dont want the wax to fall apart when I extract either. Any ideas or thoughts? This was with 3 supers per hive, what if I went 2 supers per hive?
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Yeah thanks for the replies. I just went to Bush's site and read about foundationless. I am not going to wire, Im excited about it actually as crazy as that sounds, something new. Fishing line wouldnt be a bad idea though either just for some support. Im guessing that the hives have to be perfectly level though huh? I am throwing around the idea of building my own frames to. I have a bunck of lumber lying around. Can I just build a rectangle the same size of the medium frames and put a guide in? That would be way easy!
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