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Foundation and wax moth

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maybe a stupid question, but i i will never be smart if i won't ask ;)

Am i have to be worry about frames with foundation i have in my storehouse
prepered for the spring.

Does wax moth settle also on the foundations besides drawn combs in the hive?

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they will here, but apparently not in all of the USA. my guess is wether or not they will is a function of the relative wax moth population in your immediate area. i can sometimes see them circleing my hives in the evening. good luck,mike
wax moth tend to prefer comb that has had brood raised in it. they could get into foundation but it's not their preference. they don't bother mine.

BTW, you should wait and install foundation in frames just before you use them. it will often sag if installed in frames and then stored

Wax sheets which are not used will not be attacked by the wax moth. Frames prepared for the honey flow with only have the virgin foundation sheets are neither damaged by the wax moth.Sometimes you see signs that the wax moth has been present as they leave some trails but no damage will result. It only the frames that have been used by the queen or had some pollen stored in them are subject to wax moth damage. Cold and light will also deter the wax moth. In Europe most hobby beekeepers have a little shed providing cover for their hives. Many beekeepers hang their frames, used or new under the roof of this shed.
Never had a problem with foundation.

As others have said its drawn comb that has had brood or pollen in it are at risk.
Thanks alot for the answers, they were great and help me alot.

Next time i will put my foundation just in time, so they won't sag.

I have had wax moths in my Super Honey Cell frames. I kid you not. They can't destroy the plastic like they can wood but they will eat the wax across the outside of the comb and then cocoon in the cells or on the sides. Froze their sorry butts. :no:
I dont have issues with moths on foundation
I have had wax moth larvae eat stored beeswax foundation until there was nothing left but cocoons, webbing, and frass (wax larvae poop). It doesn't happen very often, usually not at all, but this foundation was even stored in my house.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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