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found under a swarm

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Hived a swarm tonight found about 20 feet from my hives in the same tree they swarmed to last year. Not sure when they swarmed or how long they had been there.
Once i got the swarm hived i was looking at the trunk of the apple tree and noticed that there was what looked like the beginnings of comb. Basically little gobs and specks of wax stuck to the trunk.
Is this normal and if so how long does it take for them to do this?
if they do this are they planning to stay at that location?
will this remnant now help to attract other swarms to this location?

This is only my second swarm and the last one was hived with in an hour or so of it taking flight as i was right there when it all started so i have no idea what the stages are.

Thanks for any info.
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I found a swarm the other day when I was out on an errand, all I had to put it in was a cardboard box I found. I brushed them into the box and taped it up good, luckily I had some duct tape in the truck. By the time I got home a few hours later, they already had two combs hanging from the top of the box, each comb was about 3 inches wide and two inches tall, no kidding. I think they were planning to make that box their home.
I see these little flecks of wax as well.

In my opinion, these bees are so tanked up on nectar (nourishment) when they leave the hive, and so anxious to get their new home in order, that they start drawing out comb while waiting for the scout bees to return with the good news. Maybe they're impatient or maybe they recognize the urgency. Maybe they're tired of waiting or maybe those wax glands are bursting and in need of relief.

But this is why I like swarms. They are motivated to get that comb drawn out ASAP. Once in a while, in remote areas, I'll find seven to ten plates of comb drawn out and exposed among the branches of a tree. Their long-term prospects are about nil, but for some reason, they make that impossible location their home.

Jackson, MO
One of the ones I caught this year was making specks of wax on the tree branch also. They where on that branch less than 24 hours. Before that they where near the ground, but the home owner turned a sprinkler on them.
not sure if this will allow people to see theimages. My wife took some pictures and put them on her facebook here *** link removed.. didn't work******* and in there are a few pics of the wax deposits on the trunk
I'd say it's completely normal. Obviously, the longer they stay there the more of the flecks there will be. If they're there too long the combs starts.
here is a picture of the stuff i am talking about

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I have gad four pound package bees do the same thing.
I's normal behavior and you might check it later for a 2nd swarm that's attracted to the wax.
second swarm on same tree. one last year, one this year, so i will definetly keep an eye on this location
Yep...this is fairly normal behavior for swarms.
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