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I was going though a couple of hives a few days back and found what appear to be a queen cell. It was a little different that one would normally see. It was sticking straight out from the comb about 3/4" long. Not angled down at all. The hive was queen right, and if it was a cell, there was only one. I took the frame that it was on and a frame of eggs and brood and a frame of honey and put it into a 3 frame nuc to see what would happen. Today I open it up and the bees had made 4 other queen cells expected.

1. the weather is suppose to be cold the next 3 or 4 days with lows in the 30's. The cells are just about fully capped or will be in a few hours. I have an incubator. Would it be wise to take both frames that have cells and put them in the incubator? Then on about the 14 day put them back into the nucs? Today is the eight day. They should emerge the 15th of May. Or should I just leave them alone. I hate to loose 4 good cells. The nuc their in is not what you would call strong.
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