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Found out yesterday just how close I can get with a mower

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As it says, it was warm and they were very active. I needed to mow over there really bad, so I got on the rider and found out how close I can't get to them. I'll look back at it today and get a mental note, as to where the cut grass meets the tall grass. They didn't staple me, but about 10 or so were giving me head butts. I bet I looked like an big goober bailing off and heading to the house in sprint mode.
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Hahahahaha!!! Word!!!! Last week I found out that the bees do not like the weed whip!! Had some large stem weeds in front of one of my hives. I told my son on the phone I'd go ahead and put my bee jacket on cause I didn't trust those little witches! I wasn't two minutes knocking down those weeds!!! They poured out of the hive. Next thing you know I've got bees all over my pants. They were stinging me on my rear end and the upper back of my legs. They were getting me, but they couldn't get the stinger through my pants. I pulled 23 stingers out of the back of my pants!!!
2 years ago I had an Africanized hive. When I mowed I would watch them gather on the front of the hive. One pass they were all around the entrance. Second pass a circle about the size of a basketball. Third pass about a 2 foot circle. When it got that big I peeled off and drove away. I knew they were getting ready to kick my a$$!!! That's how I mowed all summer. A couple passes (Closest pass first, then progressively further) then break contact and drive away. (The Africans swarmed en-masse a couple months later, lock, stock, and barrel, gone!!!!!)
Good luck to you!
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I run the gauntlet with my mower weekly and have yet to be stung but know I’m pressing my luck. I make the final pass as close to the hives as I can and then race off. So far so good the last 3 years.
I've been closer, and I told myself they are are active today, and I should have known but hey, i certainly found out. I didn't even think to turn the key off, I just let the thing die when you hop off the seat.
Current bees are real pussycats. I mow right past the fronts and they don't even seem to notice.
I weedwackered in Front and back of the hives AFTER I went through them all. They didn't even care at that point lol
During the flow, my bees just don't care about the mower.

But in mid-August might be a different story. I do the zoom by them thing at that time. No stings yet, thankfully.
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