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found a queen in a robbed hive

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a friend lost her hive. we went in today and right on the top frames was the queen. no other bees.
i thought she would die, but i caged her and after she got warm she really started acting like a healthy queen. i gave her attendants and they fed her. now she is in my house with emails out to see if anybody might need a late queen.

my hives are all shut down.

anybody near asheville, nc needing a queen?
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They take care of her to the end. I've seen this in robbed out colonies as well.

As her colony wasnt strong enough to defend from robbers they were likely very week and she may not be of very good genetics, unless the hive suffered from something? Heavy mites?

Hopefully you can find someone in need of an emergency queen. She may be great for that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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