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This probably isn't the correct place to post this, but I wasn't sure where to post it, so if a mod needs to move it.....

I have not changed any of my settings but unread threads and/or forums with new replies aren't showing the yellow color like they use to and the threads with new replies aren't showing up in bold. Only the Bee Forum is working somewhat. The hive is showing up yellow on the forum, but only a couple of posts are showing up with bold letters. It's hard to keep track of what I've read and what I haven't. Any insight into this?
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Are you logged in?

Have you done something to block/disable cookies? More on cookies here:

For future reference, the Feedback forum is the best place for similar threads ...
Thanks for the reply Rader. Yep, I'm logged in. I have changed no computer settings. The forum is acting the same way on my laptop at home and my computer at the office.
Log out - then log back in first. Also try rebooting. Maybe small chances of fixing it, but those are easy to try.

If that doesn't help, in your shoes, I'd see what happens with an alternative browser. If you normally use Firefox, install/try Chrome and see what happens - or vice versa.

If you are currently using Internet Explorer,:eek: abandon it (for a variety of reasons) and install either Firefox or Chrome (or any of the other browser options).

While you may not have changed anything, perhaps your virus block/anti-spyware software has changed something. Temporarily disable it to see what happens.
I'll try logging out, restarting and logging back in. I abandoned IE many moons ago. I use Chrome now. Thanks for the replies.
what i want to know is how to get into the tailgater forum.
Did you read the message from Barry?
Gaining access to Tailgater requires a member to gain permission from the gatekeeper. This is done by sending Barry an email at [email protected] and including your User Name.​
glad to see i'm not the only one with too much time on my hands. :)
using firefox here with no issues running windows 7 and cookies turned off, safari at the office on apple's osx, it's better.
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