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Formic Acid - now our wait?

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Need to treat two of my hives for varroa this year. Going to use formic acid pads (mite away II).

I know the treatment should be for 21 days, that gives me time now to treat before my spring bloom. However, I've read that formic acid can stunt brood production. For me in my area the spring flow is the most important for honey, so I don't want to stunt any brood growth.

So my question is should I treat now or wait until after the big spring nector flow?
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I have never used formic in the spring here as the temp's don't get high enough that I can leave it on for the full 21 days. I have used apiguard in the spring as the time frame is shorter. If you have a mite problem I would worry more about killing the mites than the honey flow. I have used it in the fall and not noticed any major kills of the brood and the temps are alot higher. good luck
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