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Bit of a silly question here, with some backstory.

I started on a flow hive with an installed nuc back in 2016, at my parents' house. When I moved out in fall of 2018, my dad agreed to take over the beehive, and I taught him most of what I know before I left and in a few visits afterwards. They never really ended up getting a harvest out of it, and it succumbed to a wax moth infestation spring of 2019. Fast forward to now, I've just installed bees into a topbar hive earlier this month. My dad offered me some bee food he still had stored from the old hive, including a large, probably 5 lb block of bee fondant. I graciously accepted, since the more supplies the better, and did a little research to try and figure out how and when to put the stuff to use. From what I understand, it's mostly used for feeding bees when temperatures drop below 50 degrees.

This was apparently a step my dad neglected to take.

We live in central florida- I'm in clearwater, my parents are farther inland. Rare is the day in winter that drops below 50 degrees, and we only get about a week of nights below 50, spread throughout the winter. The bees probably fly less in summer since they're avoiding daily downpours than they do in winter. If feeding in winter is even necessary, there's no real reason not to just use sugar syrup. From what I understand, the conditions that require the use of fondant simply don't exist here.

I don't especially want to try to feed it to them just to get rid of it- especially since it's spring, and I worry that a higher concentration of sugar to water than 1:1 would encourage them to store it rather than build, and we don't have as much freezer space here, so I'd prefer not to just keep it around for fall or winter when it still might not even be necessary. It looks to be ordered, in a plastic bag with a "thank you" sticker on it, so I have no idea what recipe was used to make it, and throwing it out just feels wasteful if I can turn it into something useful.

So, the question is this- would there be any harm in trying to turn it back into sugar syrup, probably on the same 1:1 ratio I'm currently using, and feeding it to the bees? Or would the ratios potentially be wonky? it also smells and tastes like it has some peppermint in it, either extract or essential oil, could there potentially be too much of that if i dissolve it back into sugar syrup?

Sorry if it's a silly question, and thank you for any input!
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