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Follow-up question from my panic of a hive swarming

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Everything seems to be back in order. Picked up the two swarms one small that is in a Nuc and the large one that is in a deep. Just before dusk I went back to check on things and make sure that everything had settled down and the hive that I thought had swarmed looks like a war zone. The bottom of the screened bottom board appears to covered with dead bees. I looked very closely and there were bees coming in and out but there were hundreds of dead bees. Is this possible? Could it be that some other hives from another apairy swarmed and attempted to take up residency is this hive. I have 11 hives at this location and this was by far the stongest hive. I'm sure someone else has experienced this. This is my second year keeping bees and I love reading the forums but tend to be a lurker. Thanks for any thoughts as to what I might of experiened, your expertise has been extremely helpful in making bee keeping a fun and exciting event.