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That is more foam than we usually get. If you put saran wrap on it, does it pull off with the plastic? Does it smell fermented? Fermented honey foams because co2 is formed as little air bubbles during fermentation. If it's not fermented: air gets mixed in when you pour it so there is a thin layer of bubbles that float to the top after about a day. Usually not as many bubbles as you have. 19% is high for around here. Did you calibrate right? If it is fermented you can use it and if you have a market for fermented honey, sell it (i don't have a market for it but have heard of some folks paying top dollar for it). I have been happy with keeping the honey by the dehumidifier before extracting if I need to lower moisture content. In NY I believe honey is supposed to be below 18% to sell. It can ferment at that % if it has a lot of yeasts. If it pulls off with the saran wrap and does not smell/taste fermented it is likely particulates (pollen, propolis, wax, etc) mixed with the honey.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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