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Flowerpot nuc

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I read on this website that you can use a 4in flowerpot to rear queens. it wotks as a top bar nuc. I however dont have a top bar hive and was wondering what would I use for top bars? Popsicle sticks, sticks, pencils? Can anyone make a suggestion? :s
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I would probably get some simple normal top bars made, and just cover the flowerpot with them (like they show in the picture on the link you posted). Popsicle sticks and pencils wouldn’t work that well. I would want the bars to close off the top of the pot like it’s the cover.

The bars with the angled cut at the bottom as the starter strip might not work as well. I would use the type that is flat on the bottom with the groove down the center for installing a starter strip. Even keep them long so the combs could eventually be transferred into a normal top bar hive down the road.

Now if you are going to really try to use it for queen rearing or as a nuc, it would probably be useful to have drawn comb for it (like the article says). Having another established hive, preferably in a top bar, from which you could take some bees, comb and brood, would make things a lot easier. My initial reaction is not to use it starting out with just starter strips. But, if nothing else, you could tie some pieces of comb to the bars.

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