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Flow Question

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Is anyone in SE TX or SW LA seeing serious flow starting yet? My bees are bringing in some nectar but nothing really impressive. I am just wondering if it has not really started or am I being impacted by being in the middle of town (rural but town).
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Serious flow? no not really but it has been steady and the bees have been able to build up nicely and have some nectar stored up. The serious flow here will be the tallow tree in mid to late May. If we could get some steady rain the wildflowers could keep blooming but that is not the case for now. I would say hold tight till July and if there is no progress maybe you do need to find a better place.
Thanks, I am seeing just a little honey getting stored in the frame just outside the brood frames. I am having them build new foundation in frames as I swap out frames moving brood frames up. The hives are building nicely, just was wondering if anyone else was getting honey build up yet.

Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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