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Hello, I'm a new beekeeper from North Alabama. My dad kept bees during my growing up years. I knew a few basics, but was reintroduced by a member and friend on here "squarepeg". I set my first trap today on a perch I built and at the urging of my mentor, I'll try and post a pic of it. My wife and I are looking forward to this adventure!
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way to go frb and welcome aboard!

give me a call if you want to and i'll talk you through posting a photo, it may take a day or two because the moderator has to set your permissions.

this guy's a natural ya'll. he saw the queen in less than 2 seconds on the first frame we pulled the other day.

also, he's come up with a cheap and easy way to build a swarm trap stand. i put two of them into service myself yesterday!
Thanks SP for all the advice and help so far. I look forward to many adventures!
you bet man.

i went over to my neighbor's place this afternoon to help him go through his hives. they had not been inspected yet this spring. we found a couple of colonies that were well into swarm preps, to the point of capping queen cells. looks like we got our traps set just in time!
Welcome aboard FRB. If squarepeg is your mentor, you've paired up with a good one. I've been to visit his place myself. He's got a really nice setup. Beware of his bees though, they do sting first time visitors! Maybe you and him can load up and come critique my setup some time.
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