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"Fixing" Partially Drawn Frames

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I have two hives that I started on Pierco frames last year. They both made it throught the winter :). One is really strong, one is a little weak. Both of these hives had a little trouble last year and some of the frames are not fully drawn. The partially drawn frames are about 2/3's drawn and the comb tapers off to bare plastic foundation.Will the bees "finish" drawing these frames this year? Should I do something to encourage them to complete the frames that are only 2/3's drawn? Should I pull out the partials and replace them with foundation? Not sure what or if I should do something.
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The best way to draw comb is a heavy nectar flow or supplemental feeding with sugar syrup. Pierco used to have this on their website.
The instructions that were in each case of Pierco that I opened this spring said that you can insert a frame in positions 3, 5. and 7.
The instructions sheet also stated to heavy feed syrup to the bees.
Addtionaly, there's a lot more useful information on that sheet and I can not post it right now.
I have had this same problem with my regular plastic frames. Even though I have fed heavily my bees have kept 2 frames partially covered with wax. I have even rotated the frames in the hive hoping to find a spot for them to finish the wax. At this point in time I have given up on the idea and figure if the bees want to complete the wax building they will and if not then they won't. Remember the hive is a house full of women and they do things on thier own terms and time table. (No offence ment).
I have had the same problem. I think the bees eat off the little wax they put on the foundation on those spots (when there is not a flow going on). Then when there is a flow or you are feeding them they won't touch it. I think painting some wax on those spots would help. I think I have the same thing happening on my wax foundation except they just eat the whole thing, not just the covering like on the plastic foundation.

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