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Fixed Brood and Honey Space

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Bees will use whatever cavity/space they like for their hive as they find it. It could be a tree, wall, old water tank or even an empty hive box. Which got me thinking (usually this is where things go wrong)... except for beekeepers adding or removing boxes and/or frames the space itself stays the same. Do the bees naturally and automatically fill the space with brood and stores and then swarm or do they/could they learn their space and maintain the optimum use of what they have?
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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? :scratch: :lookout::D

One way to look at your situation is that a colony of bees is a superorganism. That is, forget that there are individual bees and think of the colony as a living animal. Once an animal has adequate food, what is the next thing it wants to do?

The answer would be ... uhhh:rolleyes: ... reproduce. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Swarming is the way a colony reproduces itself. That is always the goal of the colony.

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