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First time tbh

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When first starting out with a package of bees how many top bars do you start with? All of them?

Mike A.
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I put them in a 10 bar space to begin with. The 10 bars and then a "beespace" follower to reduce their area a bit then the rest of the bars.

With the packages I did direct release because the queen had been with them several days. After I dumped the bees into the ten bar area I put about half of the bars in. I then took the cork out of the queen cage, held my thumb over the hole, gently put the cage down on the bottom of the cavity toward the covered side and she walked right out into the bees. I took the cage out, put the rest of the bars in and closed it up.

For requeening I tried both push-in cage and hanging the queen cage. I lost one because of a push-in cage failure but the ones I let them release from cages all worked. I'm still learning though, just starting my third year, first spring with overwintered bees.
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