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First time I needed to direct release a caged queen odd ?

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Usually every year I buy a queen or 2 to split a hive or requeen. 13yrs of doing this, and this week I had to direct release a queen from a wooden cage after 4 days. I made a 5 frame split as usual with 2 frames of nurse bees 2 of stores ,brood ,eggs and larvae with stores. I could see the bees had tried to chew on the candy but seemed to give up so I peeled up the screen and set her above the cluster , no reaction good or bad, so I released her and down she went into the dark no reaction ?? Thoughts, maybe I had a virgin queen that made it thru a excluder ?

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I've heard of cases before where the candy was just too hard (for one reason or another) and after 10 days the bees were still working away at it.
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