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I finally caught a swarm in a trap. I was making the rounds to take all the traps down for the season and the final one actually had a small swarm in it. Attached is a photo of them. It seems like there are 2 different types of bees in the swarm. Some are darker with thicker black bands and some have much thinner black bands with more gold coloring. The two are visible in the image.

The other photo shows what the swarm is currently building on 2 frames in the 10 frame Langstroth that I hived them into. I had 2 sheets of plasticell in the trap along with the frame of drawn and the rest just empty frames. They have been drawing out the empty frames in the hive now very nicely but on 2-3 frames of plasticell, they are building comb away from it like in the photo. They have attached their comb to the plasticell in some areas, so it is not just hanging freely from the top bar. Some of the comb like this already has eggs in it and honey stored. Any suggestions what to do with it...if anything at all? Thanks, juzzer


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