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First swarm of the year SW Va

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I put my bait hive up back in April and within a few days I had a lot of scouts checking it out. So much so that I thought it was a sure deal that they’d move in. I had baited it with an old frame (no wax but propolised heavily) and some swarm commander. But the next day no activity at all. Fast forward a couple weeks to yesterday afternoon and I had a lot of scouts checking the box out but I had to leave for work at 4. Checked the box last night once I got home but box was empty. Came out this morning to see maybe 3 bees checking out the box. So I decided to watch them for a bit and it seems like it was down to one or two bees checking it out when I heard a loud roar. I knew instantly what it was. I looked up and sure enough a cloud of bees was coming towards me overhead. I wasn’t sure they were going for my box. Initially it looked like they were heading past my box. But they eventually started settling on and around the tree my box hangs in. Then they started clustering on the box!! I have videos from the start. Took them maybe 30-45 mins from clustering to all fitting inside the box. I’ll post links to my vids once I get them on YouTube. I haven’t kept bees for the past couple of years but I am excited to start again with this new swarm! Here’s to hoping they’re from a feral local colony and not a nearby beekeeper’s hive. But free bees and free bees!!! Good luck to everyone this season!!!


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Stoney, that is way cool. Happy for you that you got to see one coming in. Usually it is the other way around!
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