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I've had several times where scout bees were investigating the two bait hives I put out with lemon grass oil. This past weekend, the one hive was real busy with scouts - 20 or 30 checking it out - and I thought - "Hey, they are going to move in for sure." At the same time, I also had a few scouts looking at an old bait hive in my barn - and one just sitting outside - so I thought "Well, I'll put lemon grass oil in those just to double my chances.

By Tuesday, all activity had died down - and I figured they had fooled me again. But today as I was going past the older hive - I noticed a few bees flying in and out - not the usual hovering and going from side to side and around like scouts do. I gently lifted the lid, and was delighted to see my first swarm.

Certainly a small one - they had two frames with bees working on frames, and a small cluster on the roof - where there no frames. They had started 3 small combs there - and that is where I saw the queen - so got her down into the hive - and added 4 combs - two undrawn - and two that were drawn and had a little bit of honey. That will give the queen space to lay while they draw out the other frames.

Finally! Summerville, PA 15864
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