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If there was no comb, treat them just like package bees. They will draw comb much faster than package bees. You should not seal them up. If you are worried about your free bees leaving put an excluder over the bottom board. A lot of posts mention sealing the bees up. How much would you like your new home if you were locked in the closet the first three days. The girls need to get out to go to the bathroom, cool the hive, and go get groceries (nectar and pollen) for their new home. I had over a hundred dazzled students at the last workshop when I shook package bees into two hives and we left them unsealed for over an hour. They did not run from their new homes with no drawn comb or any smell of bees ever existing there previously. I wish someone had taken pictures but I told you they were amazed and people do not think of capturing the moment when their attention is already captured.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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