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First swarm!! Now what?

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Got my first swarm today but it was not what I expected. The size of the swarm was a little larger that a football and as nasty as some of the players:scratch:. From what i've read swarm should be gentle and easy to handle but this on was quite the opposite. When I first started scraping the bees into the bucket I could smell something kinda sweet smelling that was not there until I started scraping. Then bees were flying all over me and into my veil. I back of about 10 or so yards and the bees stayed with me but the guy I was working with they seemed less interested in for some reason. A few got up into my jacket but I don;t think I received any stings:thumbsup: just seem to be a bunch of angry bees for some reason. I don't think they were afriacanized because they didnt seem to bother other people that were within 20-50 yards away working. I would think they would go at anybody around at this point. Anyway the bees had mostly gone into the bucket when I left and I will head back at dark to pick up.

Any ideas why they might be so angry? hunger, noisy conditions (in a chemical plant on a scaffold board)

What now?

Do I dump them in a hive body and seal up for a day or two or just reduce the entrance?

I have two or three frames of comb but everthing else will be foundationless frames. I wanted to save the comb for a package I was getting in May. Should I use it now or just put frames in and let them build there own or does it even matter?

I suppose I need to feed also till they get going. I guess I treat this similar to a package of bees?

Any help will be much appreciated!!!
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