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First Swarm & Homeowner Question

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I got a call from a couple this afternoon. This is the third year in a row that they have had bees try to get into their house. They had sprayed them, and the entire swarm settled about 15 feet up in a little maple. They said the spraying didn't seem to have any effect on them other than making them move.

I captured the biggest part of them, and then the wife noticed another clump in a yew tree about 20 feet away. Not sure if this was part of the same swarm, but hosed them down & dumped them into the deep I brought along. Retrieved bees 3x from the yew, but a small cluster still remained at the top.

Ran home, grabbed a nuc & a brood frame (my girls were NOT happy as it was threatening to rain) plus some old comb. Put the brood frame & two old combs into the deep I originally brought along, and put the nuc + 3 old combs in the top of the yew tree, about 3-4 feet from the cluster. Everything baited with lemongrass oil. When I left, the yew bees were beginning to show some interest in the nuc.

Pretty sure I got the queen in the deep. Biggest part of the stray bees were clustering around the entrance, and there was about 3# inside the deep itself (judging from how many were in my package). Best of all, I saw several bees at the entrance, little butts in the air, fanning for all they were worth. Homeowner agreed to let me leave everything there until tomorrow night.

The wife told me that an elderly neighbor used to keep bees and he'd retrieved them the last two times. He passed last winter, and they weren't sure who to call. I offered to let them keep a baited nuc there close to where the bees try to enter the house.

Now the homeowner question:
Other than sealing up the cracks, is there anything else they can do to discourage next year's swarm from trying to get in? I told them they might have some comb in there that was attracting them and they really, really needed to get it out.
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