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I get mine as soon as I'm sure they are really moved in--for several reasons.
1. I use deep boxes with medium frames to give them the feeling of spaciousness and I am transitioning to all medium hives so I don't want them to have time to build a lot of comb under the bottom bars.
2. I want to catch as many swarms as possible while the season lasts, so I want to reuse those nucs as soon as I get a swarm hived back at my bee yard. The used nucs seem to attract more swarms, so I like to keep 'em hot.
3. I am catching most of my swarms in the same locations as the previous swarms (eg. four swarms this year on the same tree) so I want that empty nuc back in the same place so I have a quicker shot at the next swarm that comes by that honey hole.

If none of those things apply to you, just let 'em sit there till they build up some brood, but I wouldn't let them get honey bound or run out of room for the queen to lay.

Check this guy's post--

I move mine within a day or two after I'm convinced that they are indeed there to stay. I pick them up after dark and take them to my bee yard, let them adjust for one or two days, then move them to one of my 8 frame medium hives for their first brood chamber. I feed them for a week or two to get them started off good so they can make a lot of comb for the queen to lay in. Mine are going strong right now and I just caught another swarm today.
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