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First Swarm Capture

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I captured my first swarm today. I am a little unsure if I got the queen (80% confident). What is the best way to determine this? 3 hours later at dusk, there were a lot of bees at the entrance either fanning or nasonoving. Not sure witch. Is this normal behavior? After my 3ed bucket load of bees, the bees seemed to want to go into the box, and the buzz subsided, but it was not as dramatic marching in I have seen in videos. The box is a double deep 5 frame nuc. I estimate the swarm was 4 to 6 lbs of bees. There were a few clusters of bees on the side of the box and ground that did not go in. At dusk (8 PM) I plugged the entrance and moved the box 3 miles to my house and set it up in my apiary. So What is the best way to determine my new swarm hive has a queen? :scratch:

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The marching in is a good sign, and the nasonov response is letting the stragglers know where they are. If there is more traffic going in then out at capture, I assume queen is in the box.

The times I have missed the queen, there is usually mass confusion at the entrance, with more leaving. A clump of bees begins assembling at the queen's new location. Then I get so start over. Lol
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