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First sting of the new year...

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wont be the last. I guess I spent way too much time in the glide slope and got popped right behind the ear. Would like to say that it didn't sting, but that would be a lie. Just glad to see them so busy.
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good to know you didn't get allergic over the winter!
I got one on the eyelid while topping off their watering sponge.
Ouch! I had one just above the eyelid between the temple and the eyelid last year and my eye swelled up so much I couldn't see out of it.
I got mine a week or so ago. My veil rode up and she popped me on the back of the neck.
My last two were to the face. Just above the left eye.
Excluding the ones for therapy, took one on the ankle... was crawlin where she shouldn't. Did a little dance, then just a bit of shuffle, then BINGO! Thanks to a little therapy, haven't lost my immunity. Yeah!:thumbsup:
Got my first one today, through my jeans on my thigh. Caught her in a fabric wrinkle when I squatted down to reverse box. OK. Check THAT off the list....
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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