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First out yard and questions

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So I have secured my first out yard about 15 minutes from home. I want to be fair to the landowner and I want to confirm its a good spot.

First, this guy is my barber and a great guy. Has 3 kids all in 4H. He is very supportive of honeybees and is excited to have them on his land. Wife and and kids think it's great. What is customary for the beek to compensate the landowner for hosting? I don't want to take advantage of him. Of course he does have a barber shop and I could sell him the honey wholesale to sell in.
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customs and "normal" don;t much matter to me. The folks that have bees as a business will generally say that you should be looking at an agle for some srot of income. the hobby folks generally take a more laid badk approach. If you are doing this for a reason that benefits you, then sure, give the guy some honey as compensation, or cut him into the honey supply chain. if this is mutually beneficial, and you're both happy with the arrangement, then let it be that simple. That's the way I'd look at it.
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