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First Nucs, First Sting, Totally Excited

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Got the bug, so to speak. Dad had a hive when I was a kid. 40 years later I want to bee like Dad.

After much reading, hours of youtube vids, and consulting with local mentors, I installed two nucs today. Although I had the gloves, decided to not wimp out and only wore the veil and an insulated flannel shirt. 5-frame local Italian nucs went in very nicely except one girl found her way up my right shirt sleeve. It was at the very end of the two-hive install. I thought I was scott free but she rolled out of the sleeve pretty unhappy and stung my right hand in the web between the thumb and first finger. I'm a guitar player fighting arthritis anyway so frankly I was looking forward to this first therapeutic sting but, being my first time under fire with a few thousand armed fliers I was a little concerned.

Thankfully, I had youtubed and read enough to be aware that some extra smoke on the sting area might head off other interested parties. In the time it took me to exercise this option, two more strike-fighter jets zoomed in to the hot zone with clear intent but the smoke held them off.

I was excited to be able to see both of my nuc queens during the install. Even more rewarding was to come back four hours later and watch workers hit the landing board with at least three different colors of pollen on their saddle bags. I am so excited I can't stand it.

Sorry - I know I'm not the only one - just had to say this somewhere that might be understood. I'm tempted to call in sick tomorrow, pull up a lawn chair and watch those two landing boards all day tomorrow...
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jwdeeming says...
"Sorry - I know I'm not the only one - just had to say this somewhere that might be understood. I'm tempted to call in sick tomorrow, pull up a lawn chair and watch those two landing boards all day tomorrow..."

Uh oh, you've been bit by the bug for sure, now you've got bee fever, and there is no known cure. So yes, you would be quite justified to call in sick and watch them all day long to help get some temporary relief so you can get back to work the next day... maybe... LOL
Calling out is only allowed....

If you include pics!! Then you reeeeaaaalllyyy have the bug (and a justified need for a mental health day!!)

Great read JWD...Welcome to beesource! Isn't it just THEEEE best!? New hives, several thousand new girls in the I think a sick day is in order. ;) Just don't love them to death with daily or weekly inspections. Bees are amaaaazing critters. The more you learn, the more fascinated you will bee! Enjoy, and best to you and your girls!

ps...I'll be curious how that sting is doing one is usually two, however, is usually a bear! (for me, anyways! And day 3 is no picnic either!) Hope you have zero reaction. Don't feel like you have to be some sort of stud going into your hives nekkid. Nothing wrong with being protected! (I had to learn the hard way, I react BADLY to stings. After a few trips for steroid shots in the butt, a full ventilated suit for me! And I don't care what ANYbody
Fun read. You are not the only one who "Caught the bug". This is my first year and I am continually checking and watching my girls. My wife calls me a "Bee Creeper".

Good to hear that I am not alone in this. Fortunately I am retied so I can Creep my bees all I want.
I keep going to visit my new bees on my lunch break. It's a 20 minute drive, so I drive 40 minutes to watch them for about 15, then have to leave. You're not the only one with the bug.
jw, I couldn't help but smile with you when I read your post. Sounds like you're a sucker for a bunch of pretty girls!!! :)

Have fun with your honey bees, they are amazing creatures.

I do hope you get to feeling better, soon!!!! ;)
Jwdeeming, your elation comes through loud and clear! I'm so thrilled for you. How long will it be, i wonder, till you start serenading your girls with your guitar? :)
Update on the sting - no skin irritation at all. Can't even see it if you know where to look. Last night the muscle in the thumb/forefinger web was REALLY sore, like it had been smacked with a hammer. Today, absolutely no symptoms at all. Thought about taking benadryl yesterday but couldn't find it. I guess it was a mute point.

Thanks for the encouragement. I've been lurking here for a couple months and thought I'd explode waiting on the bees. Good thing they were a week early - I might not have made it.
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