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First inspection

795 Views 4 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  nhoyt this is exactally what i saw i am 99.99% sure that i have brood, i didnt see any honey and saw very little pollen stores. I only checked two out of the three of the4 frames that had bees on them, the farest frame i didnt check after i saw what i thought was brood i left, i really wish i stayed longer and did a very detailed inspection but we r going to have a slight cold spell the next few night so next week when they said it will be warmer ill do a far more detailed inspection. Before i forget i actually saw pollen coming in granted it wasnt a ton but i did see it. any thought or helpful tips would be good.
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Sweet. i will say that is a huge relief. they are still chowing down on the pollen paddies and drinking the sugar water but no honey is that normal? It is still very intimating to see so many bees but the girls are a delight to work with.
Hard to make honey when they're using everything they got to make brood, be patient, they're building up, you need a strong hive to pull a honey crop.
O i alrdy told the family and freind no honey for this yr every bit goes back to the bee so they do get built up and can make it thru teh winter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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