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Well, did my first inspection on both my new hives today. Both hives were installed on Monday the 17th afternoon.

- Both Queens had been released by the workers.
- Both hives had quite a large patch of Burr Comb built where the missing middle frame should have been.
- Lots of Nectar/Sugar Water and some Pollen present in the Cells of Burr Comb of both hives (which I reluctantly removed)
- Bees seemed busy (naturally) and went abou thier tasks with no aggression.

- Since this was my first inspection I probably went a little quicker than I should have, therefore I did not actually see either Queen (though I did look through two frames from each hive
- Did not look for eggs like I shold have either so - did not see any eggs

I felt fairly good after the inspections bt I cold have done better

Any advice for the next inspection?
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