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opinions? first inspection of the year

Northern Maine...

Opened up one of hives for the first time since wrapping last year for winter.
This was the stronger of the hives and I wasn't really worried. They went into winter with almost 2 brood chambers of stores (I think the upper was about 70lb and the bottom 50 or 60lb - that includes wood and bees).
Had fed them less than a gallon of syrup this spring so far.

upper chamber is still packed with syrup/honey. Along the bottom of the center frames appears to be the top of the brood nest. A nice amount of pollen too, though I didn't try to figure how much.

lower chamber was mostly brood with a little stores. The queen was found near the center of the chamber. Brood looks spotty - meaning there seems to be plenty of open cells between capped brood, though they appeared to either have eggs or small larva in them. This is the beginning of the queen's second year. There is lots of brood it is just not solid.

I am thinking there is no reason to worry right now. If the bees crawle into the combs during winter to create the cluster wouldn't this cause the queen to not be able to form a solid brood nest early on? Also it still is getting into the 20s at night. I figure if in a month she still is laying this way then maybe she needs replacement.

Wanted to see what other's opinions were.

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