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first inspection, couldnt' see eggs, but....

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I'm sure this has been posted 500 times. 7 days after installing a packege, I saw the queen and she was motoring around nicely. About 7 of 10 frames (medium brood box) had a LOT offoundation drawn out a good bit on both sides (that seemed good), and they contained lots of nextar (much probably coming from my hive top feeder which has drawn down a lot) I saw some 'clearish/brownish stuff' in the bottom of some cells towards center of frames, but couldn't really spot any eggs. (I didn't turn the frames to the sun like I was supposed to...grrrrr). Are those brownish cells typically brood cells?

I saw some pollen cells as well, maybe half full.

So, where to go. Should I inspect in 5 more days, look super hard for eggs, and it will be obvious if they (and brood cells) exist or not? Worried!

yeah, I forgot to take photos....
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