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First hive observations

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So I installed two packages of bees into my hives last Friday evening. I have worked very hard to just observe them from about 10 feet away but have done evening checks on their sugar water thru the observation windows. One hive worked the mason jar down to a point that I felt it would not last another day so I decided to refresh it which meant opening the hive up.

Changing jars went very well and since it did go so well I decided to continue and check the bars. I found new comb on bars 5 and 6 with rough dimensions of 2" by 6" each. I tried to see if there were eggs in any of them but I didn't see any and that could easily be because of my newness or perhaps the fact that it hasn't been very warm since the weekend.

I did however see several cells with a brown sticky looking substance that I am curious as to what it is. The other hive still has plenty of sugar water left so I left them alone but hope tha they are to the point of needing more this weekend so that I can compare the two.

Can anyone comment on what I was looking at as the books I have really don't go that far in depth on the subject.

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Pollen? They put pollen in cells then some honey. Depends a picture would help :)
pollen for shure if it is in the cells. if it is on the wood in the hive it could be propalis.
Thank you both. I will try to take some pictures the next time that I open it up.

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