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First hive check

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Started 2 hives may 6th. First check today, queens have been released,building white comb.Feeding 1to1 on foundation frames. Bees really busy bringing in pollen. Beeing a newbe assuming all is well. Just one question,What is the best smoking material for the smoker? Once again thanks to everyone in advance, Ken
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Sounds good :applause: I use burlap for the smoker

Ed Rice
there is no "best" thats like asking whats the best color. i used hay bale twine for many years, but its all now treated with insecticide, then used burlap sold by walter kelleys- its cheap, reliable, consistent, and handy. the last 5 years i've been using pine shavings sold as pet(rodent) bedding as i've found it to be a little cheaper and to last longer. some use dry grass, pine needles, and sumac heads. some even use cigars and pipe smoke-but i dont recommend them as not consistent or heavy enough. you never know when you're gonna drop a frame and need heavy smoke. good luck,mike
Thanks Ed & Mike, I appreciate you two being there for the newbe
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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