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First Harvest

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I took honey of of two yards for the first time this year. The first yard I got about 40 or 50 lbs per colony. Twenty medium depths supers and 40 shallow supers from 24 colonies.

The second yard a little less. Twentythree mediums and 23 shallows from 24 colonies.

There is some honey that I will be able to get later down below in the dbl deeps. Not to mention the supers of honey w/ a little brood still in them that we put back on the hives.

If all of the other 14 yards that I have still to take honey off of are as good as the first two, we will have a much better crop than last year. And goldenrod hasn't even started coming in.

I'm hopeful for a good crop.
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No, not really. If that is all they make me for the year, i will be complaining. But not to y'all, to them. :)

There are guys in NY who make three times what I pulled today per colony per season. I'll be happy if I have fat hives and average of 60 lbs per colony. If I get more, that will be nice too. Maybe then i can partially recover some of what I had to invest in honey last year. It's a long game. Not just one season. Something all farmers know.
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