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I went into my 3 hives this past weekend to add pollen patties here in central NJ. All three were fine when I added sugar blocks last month. I was very disappointed to find a dead out colony in what was my strongest hive. I honestly was saddened, as if I had let them down. All three hives were treated exactly the same. They were treated for mites in the Fall, counts were low at the time. I wrapped all three and vented them top and bottom just like I did last year. The bees are all still in the hive, just all are dead.

Of the other two hives one was absolutely humming with activity on a 55F day. The other was not quite as active, but the bees were still taking sugar blocks that I put in back in early February.

Any guess on what happened?

How should I deal with the dead bees and the frames and boxes so I can safely re-use them in a couple months?

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