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Hey folks. I've been wanting bees for awhile, and made a decision this would be the year. After doing lots of research, and starting to attend my local bee keeping association, I started by building a couple of 8 frame boxes for a cutout in a shed. I've been preparing for the past couple of weeks, and everything told me there is nothing like actually doing one. Let me just say... Wow! :)

I spent most of today on it. I had some help for the first few hours. Then took a break and came back to finish up for today by myself. Only left with two stings.

The hive was pretty big. A 3 ft wide section nearly 3/4 of the full height of the wall, and they had started new honey comb in the next section recently. I framed up two 8 frame medium boxes with mostly brood and a little honey. All of the other honey I put in a rubbermaid bin. I got everything cut out of the shed, but I never saw the queen. I believe she could still be up there, as there are still quite a few bees bearded at the top of the cutout area. I managed to move over half of the colony to the boxes by brushing them into a bucket and pouring them into the boxes, time and time again, as I was framing.

When I left a few minutes ago, I removed all of the honey comb in it's container. I left the top slightly open on the two boxes, which is sitting right below the cutout area. If I go back around dark, and they are all on the boxes, then I can probably assume the queen is in the boxes, correct? If she is still at the top of the wall of the shed somewhere, with the other bees, is there any chance she will move to the boxes with the brood? Just curious what my next move is, besides wait.


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