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This is my first attempt at capturing comb building as a time lapse. Mechanically everything is working, but the video isn't quite what I was hoping for. But it's a start, and I can work on fixing most of these issues:
  1. The camera doesn't focus close enough
    • I need to see if I can move the camera back a bit without seeing the glass window that I'm pointing through. In the future a different camera might be better, too.
  2. There's too much glare from the light source
    • I can put some sort of diffuser material in front of the LEDs.
  3. Not a wide enough FOV to see much
    • Moving the camera back will help, and in the future a different camera might be better, too.
  4. The bees get in the way
    • A wider FOV would let us see more.

But here's the first attempt:

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